Below is some feedback I’ve received of what others think and have experienced through Walking Donegal’s guided walks.

If you have been on any of our walks I always welcome any feedback so please get in touch with your comments.

My apologies for not waiting as we disembarked the bus today to personally shake your hand and say thank you for a wonderful week. Your knowledge of your country and your gentle positive personality makes you a wonderful ambassador for hiking. You knew everyone’s name and each and everyone of us felt included.
                  Your attention to some of slowpokes, was encouraging without making us feel out of place. Thank you for sharing your hills, valleys, beaches and history with us.
Good luck with future hikes!


 Thank you, Seamus. We’ve already had some phenomenal feedback from the guests, which we will forward to you soon (if you haven’t received it already). Your attention to the service and paperwork are very much appreciated. We feel good about how you represent us and hope we can send more walkers into your capable hands before too long. Kind regards,

David Hales

All in all it was a great trip and I was very happy to make it to the top of
Slieve League…one of the best hikes I have ever done.. and I have done some
pretty good ones in the Alberta Rockies!  The views on all our hikes were
exceptional…what a #hidden gem Donegal is!
 Seamus our
guide always brought along some nice chocolate inspired treats to add to our
lunch …a nice touch!
Great trip and the weather Gods were certainly looking out for us.
Our guide Seamus Doohan
was excellent and obviously enjoys what he does.  He has the gift for
gab and was able to keep all of us entertained 
 Donalda MacBeath   #Canada
Thanks so much for all the fun times on our walks!  I think that without you we would have been left by the wayside! You were really terrific and I so enjoyed all the flora and fauna information!
Sheena Woods, Colorado


Hi Seamus,

I was sorry that I didn’t get to say good-bye to you and to thank you for your leadership for our group.  Many of us thought you might join us for a drink the last day or appear the next day.

You were an excellent person to have on the walk.  Your expertise in the history of the area and the floral and fauna was very impressive.  I particularly thought that your attention to walkers at the back of the group was reassuring and provided a safety net.
You were a fun person to have with us, a good sense of humour.  Your relaxed manner gave all of us confidence.
I would recommend you as a Walking Guide anytime.
Thanks for being such a great person.  Good luck in all your endeavours, Seamus.
All the Best
Lana Dale, Canada




“Members of ‘Turas’, East Belfast’s Irish language group enjoyed a bilingual siúlóid with Seamus. The scenery was wonderful but what added to the enjoyment was hearing the Gaelic names of the islands and being given fascinating background information about the area. The walk was manageable for everyone and thoroughly enjoyed by all. I would highly recommend Seamus as a walking guide and encourage any group to participate, regardless of age or fitness level.”
Linda Ervine
Irish Language Development Officer, East Belfast Mission

“I can reccommend as an asset to us as at Self Catering Accommodation in Donegal, administrators for the County Walking Donegal is always there to help.”
Mary Rose Doherty
Leisure and Travel professional

“A good initiative and perfect for Donegal good luck with project plans.”
Maura Logue
Consultant on National Events Management, Bord Failte Ireland

“Breath-taking, awe inspiring and sumptuous – these would be some of the words I’d use to describe walking in Donegal. Having a knowledgeable and experienced guide like Séamus Doohan along with you certainly adds to the experience and I would highly recommend him. I’ve being on all different types of walks with him and they are always a good buzz.

Séamus is personable, patient and professional. His knowledge and stories about the area (history, folkllore, nature, anecdotes, etc) really add to the enjoyment of a walk. As I find it hard to get my (lazy) friends out walking, it’s great to be able to go in a group and Séamus ensures there is a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere and that there is a bit of banter and craic between everyone. He also knows where to get a good bowl of soup and a nice pint afterwards, which believe me, is very important after a wet day on the hills!

I’ve being on a good few group walks with him (Cresslough Railway Line, Miners path, McSwynes loop, etc,) and they have all being excellent experiences. He also knows a lot of amazing walks that I would not have found otherwise- Loch Salt walk and Dooish are my personal favourites – these are amazing walks. A small group of my friends were up from Galway and we hired Séamus because we wanted a more challenging walk, as we are getting into hill walking in a more serious way. He took us from Muckish to the Aghla’s, which is indeed challenging ( part of it is aptly nicknamed ‘heart-attack hill’) and simply breath-taking! As we aren’t competent in navigation yet, it was great to have an experienced guide to take us safely along the route (it was a wet and misty day too). Also is great to have someone to set a suitable pace and to keep a good atmosphere going.

I’d highly recommend Séamus Doohan as a walking guide.”
Micheál McGee
Galway and Donegal

“Seamus lead a walk in the hills of Donegal in July 2013. I went on the walk and thanks to Seamus’ expert knowledge of the walking route, the general area, of flora and fauna and of interesting historical facts I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Seamus was very accommodating to the abilities of the walking group and paced the walk accordingly. I highly recommend Seamus as a walking guide for Donegal!”
Cathryn McGarvey

“The Hills of Donegal are for the most part a hidden treasure. An uplift to the soul and fuel for the tired mind. This hidden secret can be shared with you. The access to this can be found nowhere better than the service provided by the Seamus at Get your boots on and begin the first step into the finest landscape in Ireland.”
Gerard Moyne

“Walking Donegal has filled a much needed gap in the market for walkers visiting County Donegal and all it has to offer. I have received enquiries in the past from Austria regarding walking holidays and will be more than happy to recommend this company going forward. Continued success”
Jimmy McCarthy

“I have worked with Seamus on a number of tourism projects and found his enthusiasm brilliant. His knowledge of walking, heritage, scenery and local history is immense. He has a great way with people and any time spent with him is enjoyable. I look forward to walking with him again in the future”
Siobhan Grant

“Seamus delivered compass and map reading classes here in the An tSean Bheairic. Participants on the course said Seamus made sure everyone enjoyed learning and made the subject easier to understand by following the theory class with a practical challenge for the group on the mountains.”
Helena Mhic Laifeartaigh

“Walking Donegal is for health, for company, for friendship and fun. Walking Donegal is THE one!”
Paul Kernan

“Donegal is one of Irelands most beautiful counties with rolling hills and rugged coastline. There is very little tourism in the area compared to other parts of Ireland, and as a result its beauty is largely uncharted, which makes it even more alluring. If you want to discover all that Donegal has to offer and hear a few yarns along the way then definitely give Walking Donegal a go. You will not be disappointed.”
Adrian Doohan

“Dear Seamus Hoping that all goes well in your parts . firstly I would like to thank you very much on behalf of all of us A walkers of The CHA (Countrywide Hill walkers Association) during a wonderful few days last week for your excellent guiding and input on our very interesting walks and travel in Northwest Donegal. Thanking you again”
Wendy Molyneux

“Seo nóta buíochais ó Rang 6 agus Ranganna 1 & 2 ag tabhairt buíochais duit ar son na siúlóidí iontacha a thug tú iad ar. Seamus this is a thank – you note from teachers and staff in Scoil Fhionáin for the very enjoyable and educational walks you brought the children on . 6th class said on their return from Loch Altán that it was the best school tour ever. We were all exhausted but had a fantastic day and learned some local history too. Míle Buíochas duit a Sheamuis agus Ádh Mór. Beimid ar ais!!!”
Scoil Fhionáin

“Hi Seamus,
I hope you’re well! Sorry this is a very delayed email – I know Sato-san sent you the photo last week already – I just wanted to repeat his thanks for all your help over the weekend before last. We were really overwhelmed by the kindness and hospitality of everyone we met in Donegal, and in particular your help was invaluable. You were a brilliant guide and really informative! I really enjoyed spending time with you and Marie. I hope there will be another opportunity for me to visit Donegal and please get in touch if you come to London!”
Naomi Mihara